Jonas Muthoni
Author Creative Strategist Auteur Créatif Stratège Autor Kreativer Stratege Autore Creativo Strategista Autor Criativo Estrategista


Changing the world….. just kidding, that is my everyday life. I am networking, learning, innovating, and adapting. Presently, despite the 2020 pandemic crisis, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help clients succeed by finding creative ways for brands to communicate to their audience, get the desired attention, and engage. Backed by a team of geniuses with the best in class skills and the “deviate” style of thinking, we excel at finding solutions for every opportunity that presents itself regardless of the industry/niche. It is not about the uncontrollable circumstances but rather how you choose to let it affect you.


Over the last four years, my passion for giving back has allowed me to serve as a breast cancer board member, and honored to have the opportunity to touch and make a difference to those in need while going through difficult times.